Monarq #SheHacksNYC Coordinators

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Irene Ryabaya

Techie, Adventurer, co-Founder Monarq

Diana Murakhovskaya

Foodie, Traveler, co-Founder Monarq


Alana Tung

Associate at Time Warner Investments,  w/particular areas of focus of ad-tech, online video, social media and gaming

Allison Vicenzi

Director of Education at MakerBot and co-organizer for NYC Apps, New York's most active community for mobile technology

Asya Kamsky

Lead Product Manager at MongoDB w/20+ yrs experience from Cisco, GE, DEC, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, TGV Inc, E-Greetings, RouteScience, Elemental Security

Hao Lian

iOS programmer by day, Haskell astronaut by night

Kenny Peng

Chief Product Officer and Software Architect for School Yourself. Organizer of Startup Weekend NYC and avid baker

Nitya Narasimhan

15+ years R&D experience building advanced concepts for mobile, web and television platforms. Organizer, Google Developer Group (NY, HV) and Meteor (HV). Talk to me about Android, Meteor, Polymer, Angular or Cloud.


Serko Artinian

Product Manager at MakerBot, Founder NYC Apps, passionate about telling stories through motion pictures and photography

Simran Jaising

Founder of Chutney, a collaborative network for innovation in the food space, expert in building online and offline communities 

Tammy Butow

Customer Support Manager at DigitalOcean, ran SheHacks Melbourne, co-founded Girl Geek Academy

Ulysses Popple

Android Interpreter at Trello. Former actor; current creative coder